Why are we different?

Because we care!

Are you tired of a property management company that doesn't seem to care? Is it difficult for you to reach a "live" and responsible manager who will promptly return your calls and give you a direct answer when you ask a question?

GEN III is a unique property management team more than 75 years in the property management business. We are a hands-on, reachable, proactive, and comprehensive property management group. Our focus is commercial, apartments and condos with 10+ units, and industrial properties.

Being a small and local company allows us to have personal contact with our clients to help with all property management needs. Our goals include making sure that our clients' properties are managed as our clients specify, while providing expertise and guidance towards efficient and economical operation of our clients' properties. Per our client's request, our skilled staff will:

o Analyze a property for safety and energy efficiency;

o Preview leases and HOA rules for compliance;

o Manage leasing and finances;

o Facilitate and oversee improvements and repairs;

o Interact with tenants;

o Provide reports and other services needed to address our client's best interest.

Please email us at info@gen003.com or call Ron at 925-997-2224 to arrange a one-to-one discussion about how GEN III can become YOUR proactive management company to help you improve the performance your investment property.